What Causes Plumbing Emergencies in the Bathroom?

Just about every homeowner has experienced an emergency in the bathroom because the toilet got backed up. Whether it happens when you are home alone or when you have a house filled with guests, it’s no fun. However, experiencing this type of an emergency during an event at your home is an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately, plumbing emergencies happen at the worst possible time. If you have a toilet backup Groveland FL, there are companies that provide services whenever you need them. There are ways to prevent some problems with the plumbing in your bathroom. Let’s review some of the options.

Perhaps the top reason why plumbing emergencies occur is the bathroom is because someone has put too much toilet paper in the toilet. The problem is that it’s hard to know how much is too. It also seems as though problems happen when there are visitors because they don’t really know your plumbing situation like you and your family members know it. In other words, it might be common knowledge that you can only use a certain amount of toilet paper in your toilet because it has gotten backed up in the past, but your guest certainly won’t have that knowledge unless there’s a note posted on the wall.

Another problem that happens in the bathroom is that people put cotton balls and facial wipes in the toilet. By now it should be common knowledge that these types of items should not be placed in the toilet, but that’s not the case. These items are notorious for causing clogs that almost always require a plumber to remove. For some reason, there’s a failure to understand that cotton balls and facial wipes should only be placed in the trash. Quite frankly, there simply is no reason to put them in the toilet.

Another plumbing problem that happens in the bathroom is allowing a lot of hair to go down the drain. While it’s true that this problem cannot always be avoided, there are some instances when simply wiping out the sink will prevent a potential problem with the pipes. As it turns out, there is also an issue with people putting hair in the toilet, which eventually causes it to get backed up. Although this can be a sensitive topic, it’s something that should be discussed more readily with family members because someone will have to pay the price, quite literally. Having a plumber constantly come out to repair clogged pipes will get costly after a while.

On the topic of putting up signage in the bathroom to make sure everyone knows the rules, that’s not a bad idea. In fact, there are some countries that try to address the issue of clogged toilets with signage all around the restroom to remind tourists not to put paper towels or wipes in the toilet. It’s an issue that happens to be worldwide and it probably won’t change anytime soon.